Self-Guided Tours

Green River is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in Utah. Here are some of our favorite places for you and your travel mates to explore near Green River – all within an hour’s drive! Remember to gas up and bring plenty of provisions with you when traveling into wilderness areas.

Swasey’s Beach

Enjoy spectacular canyon views at Swasey’s Beach just north of Green River. The white sand beach spans a long bend in the river and is shaded by cottonwood trees. Shallow water gives children plenty of opportunity to frolic in the river, and bighorn sheep frequent the water’s edge.

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Black Dragon

The San Rafael Reef is cut through with deep, sinuous canyons adorned with ancient rock art panels. Within the Reef lies the deep Black Dragon Canyon, named for the flying dragon pictograph located on its wall.

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Rockhounding: Pigeon Blood Agate

Explore the Morrison Formation south of I-70 for beautiful agates tumbling out of the sedimentary layers laid down 156 to 147 million years ago. The most famous agate in this area is the famed Pigeon Blood Agate: a clear to white agate with streaks and drops of brilliant red within. The Morrison Formation has been the most fertile source of dinosaur fossils in North America. It’s likely you could see some bones while out there.